FAQs | Returns

Do I need to clean the dress before returning it?

No. Please just put the dress in the pre-paid express postage bag and put in the nearest yellow post box.  We will dry clean each garment when returned. Do not attempt to clean the garment.


What happens if I damage the dress?

Please contact us to let us know if there has been damage to the dress. We do have insurance to cover minor accidental damage up to $50. 

If your dress is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will be liable to pay for the retail price of the item.

How do I return my dress?

If you rented the dress in-store then return via our ‘returns shoot’ at the front of our store.

If you ordered online, please put into the pre-paid postal bag you received with your dress and return via a yellow express post box.

What happens if I return my dress late?

We are sympathetic to circumstances. However, for our booking and cleaning systems to work reliably we do need our dresses back on time. A $30 flat rate for each day that the dress is returned late will be billed.


I need more info…

Sometimes you just need to chat! We get it!
Feel free to contact us at hello@closetspace.com.au or use the live chat option to the bottom right of our website.